Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Asher's Approaching First

Tomorrow Asher begins preschool.

Yes, his life and mine are about to change. Tuesday was the open house at Sacred Heart, the preschool connected to our Catholic Church. I was not sure how Asher would do. He jumped out of the car and ran ahead of us. As we got inside, however, he grabbed Dadd'y hand and did not want to let go. He investigated the toys, finding airplanes, something Addison had specially told Asher that preschool did not have. He seemed to do okay. He said good-bye to his teachers and jumped into the car to go home.

He has his clothes laid out, his backpack ready, and he appears to be excited for the new adventure. He was hesitant at first about going to preschool after hearing his many friends would not be in his class. He asked about Xander, Henry, Cameron and Will, all going to other preschools. However, this will prepare Asher for next year when they may or may not be in his Kindergarten class.

I am quite apprehensive. My little boy, our baby, is no longer a baby. It is so hard for me to let him go, if even to preschool. I know he needs this separation, and I need it as well. Let's admit it, preschool is not necessary. Yes, it can be helpful in small doses, but it does not take a 40 hour week for a child to learn their ABCs, learn to write their name, start reading, etc. A little good parenting goes a long way, I believe. So, I will work with him at home, but give him the separation we both need to prepare for next year (in which I refuse to talk about).

Tomorrow, I will bring Chris along, knowing I am lucky to have him as we drive away. I hope and pray that Asher will do fine and PLEASE NOT CRY or I will totally lose it. At least he has seen his sisters go through all of this and knows exactly what to expect. He spent a lot of time in this preschool with Addison as I was a Mommy helper.

Tomorrow, it will be all about Asher and his first day of Preschool. And, he will do awesome!


Courtney F said...

Aw! Good luck to you both. Tear, tear, tear. He will love it and you will like the time. Thinking of you. Can't wait for the follow up!

Courtney F said...

And I LOVE your pics! They are great!

The Austin Life said...

Thanks Courtney! We got through our morning...and Asher did Awesome! He wants to go back tomorrow. I'm thinking the zoo would be fine with me. :)

Courtney F said...

The zoo sounds like fun! Enjoy!!!!