Thursday, August 16, 2012

Missing Daddy

I am getting tired of being Mommy and Daddy. Really, I am horrible at being both parents and especially hate being the male of the house (obviously, I am clearly not one). I absolutely hate going into Lowe's, but have done so 3 times this week alone. My parents so kindly came down today to help me with the jobs that Chris would otherwise be doing (if he was not in another state, that is).

After taking the kids to school and Asher and I walked the dog, I mowed the lawn (while Asher chased me around the yard in the jeep). I also managed to break a sprinkler head (great, something I need to fix tomorrow). My parents arrived and the real fun began. My Dad helped me take apart my sink in the bathroom. Seriously, it has not worked in so long it is like we only have one sink in there. The cold side leaked, constantly. The shower leaked as well. Gotta love Moen products. We then measured to put in a wall in the basement. The area under our basement stairs is kinda finished with drywall, ceilings and a light, but one wall was left unfinished. Without getting into too much details, the wall needed to be sealed, pronto. Chris did not have time to tackle such a project, so my Dad so kindly helped it get rolling.

Trip to Lowe's found that the faucet and shower faucet were under warranty! Yeah! The parts are in the mail, free of charge. I just have to remember how to take them apart to install the part and they will be fixed. We may actually have 2 functional sinks in our bathroom, finally. Unfortunately, we only need one since I am the only one usually here and Chris is in Florida. But, I digress.

Next was to tackle this wall. It was not easy, as most home improvement projects tend to be ("Nothing is ever easy"). But, the drywall is placed and one layer of mud is soon to be ready for me to sand. Yeah, something for me to do while Asher is in preschool. (Sarcasm).

Funny, I do feel better that these things are finally getting done. I'm sure Chris will appreciate them being done as well, although he feels bad that my Dad has to help me with them. I don't think he would feel half as bad if I was just doing them alone, it is that I have to ask outsiders to help that he does not like. I am so missing the male gene, the one that is handy around the house. I am getting better, and I believe I am doing a good job of holding down the fort on my own. But, I do not like it.

There is a reason why there is a Mommy and a Daddy. This Mommy makes a pathetic Daddy. The kids refused to go to bed tonight because Daddy had his phone off and did not say good night. I had no way of fixing that. I ended up calling the hotel and calling directly to his room (so old school right). By the time I got a hold of Chris, Addison was asleep. Hopefully she got over being mad at me for not setting up the good night time with Daddy before falling to sleep.

But, tomorrow is another day. Chris returns home. I think I will take a trip, and I will not be going to Lowe's.

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Courtney F said...

I am so sorry. That really stinks, it really does. I hope it gets fixed soon, the traveling. Yes, there is a reason why there are two parents. Take care!