Wednesday, February 03, 2010

What's For Dinner?

"What's for Dinner?" I hate that question. What's worse is the response I get when I answer the question. "Yuck, I don't like that" is what Alivia usually says followed by Chris' "Ohhhhhh...." in this sad voice. Unless I say we are getting pizza from some place, nobody is happy and even then it is questionable. Okay, Addison and Asher typically do not say much and usually eat, which is nice. I do ask what they want for dinner, too. Alivia says she does not like anything but fruit. That is nice and helpful. Chris usually says he does not care, and I am not sure how to make that. And, Addison and Asher could live on shells and cheese!

Anyway, I am going back to going to the store only twice a month. I was able to go the last 2 weeks without making a trip to the store. I make a menu for the month and make sure I purchase everything I need on trip one. On the second trip to the store, I buy the items that do not last long, like fresh fruit and vegetables, bread and milk. I am still working on the system. I find that if I go to the store to buy one missing ingredient, I wind up spending $50. Seriously, that is one expensive ingredient. I am able to stick to the budget better this way I think. I also am now finally getting the ads at our new address so I can take them to Walmart to price match (and use my coupons).

So, what does a non red meat eating family eat? Well, we are picky I have to say. But, here are just a few things that I whip up. Tacos, pasta bake, baked chicken, crunchy chicken breasts, stir fry, pasta with Chris' homemade sauce (mmm!), breakfast night (pancakes or eggs and bacon. We just started this and the kids love it!), chicken nuggets, fish fillets, salad night, etc. We do have frozen pizza night (usually on a night I have worked and do not feel like cooking anything) and we save take out night for 2 Fridays a month. With all of that said, it is all growing old and I need new ideas.

So, I am open to any new recipes anyone has or any new suggestions to help me answer the question, "What's for dinner?"

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