Monday, February 22, 2010

Changing 4 corners

Northeast (taken before the big dig this AM)Southeast cornerSouthwest cornerView to the Northwest

When you live at our house, you gotta love change. Yesterdays view is history. And after tomorrow, tomorrow's view will be history, too. Oh, and one has to love feeling like they are in the middle of a construction site - no, seriously - right in the middle surrounded by CATS (not the purring type either), hammers, jackhammers, concrete trucks, roofers, painters, loud beeping noises at all hours from trucks backing up, etc. Today they began digging the hole for the house to be built to our Northwest. Our backyard is not the typical straight backyard, it is more of a pie shape. So the home being built appears to be RIGHT there when compared to our old neighbors behind us at our previous address. It will be difficult to adjust to. We really liked our view, but that is about to change to a view of a home. Grrr. What happened to buying a house with a view? I think that was just another thing not checked off on our check list, along with many other things that I will not even get into.

Above is our view of our 4 corners taken this morning, and it is already different, as seen below. Good thing I like change (sarcasm). Good thing we have window treatments on order (seriously). Now, I am going to try to take a ever so brief nap since I worked 11p-7:30am last night. Perhaps I can use the shaking I keep feeling in the bed and the house each time the hole is dug deeper and the CAT loader is banged against the ground (and I am thinking this house shaking thing can not be a good thing), the endless beeping noises, and the hammering to lull me to sleep. It seemed to work for Asher who just fell asleep beside me! I am now wishing I could sleep like a toddler.

Southeast ViewNortheast viewNorthwest View - nice, eh? (From Addisons bedroom)Northwest View AgainNorthwest View (from the Family room window)Southwest View

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