Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fat Tuesday!

Happy Fat Tuesday! I should be sitting here eating a big bag of M&Ms while I catch up on facebook, but I’m not. Let me explain…

Tomorrow, we will kick off Lent 2009 at Ash Wednesday Mass early tomorrow morning (oh, wish me luck!). Sunday's Homily was about what it really means to "give something up" for Lent. Father suggested that we give up something that we overindulge.

I have given a lot of thought into what I will "give up" this Lent. It is no secret that I overindulge on peanut M&Ms. I seriously can eat a large bag (and I mean the large bag for $4-$5) in 24 hours! So, I will be giving them up for 40 days. Just sitting here thinking about it makes me want to go and buy a bag , so this is a major sacrifice for me. Also, I am going to, in part, give up the internet. Okay, not completely. I will continue to blog , check email only at nap or night time, work on my pictures, and do bills. All other internet "things" that waste a bunch of time are off limits (i.e. facebook). I rarely shop online unless it is for a gift or something, so I will probably do that at night as well. I do not think I overindulge on the internet, but I do waste precious time during quiet time. I think my issue is that I have so little adult interaction that I get it where I can, even if it is virtual. If I check email and have messages from facebook, 5 minutes easily can turn into a half hour. I typically constantly have my laptop open so I can hear when an email comes through (typically from Chris). But, for the next 40 days, I will only open the laptop at naptime and at night after my run to check email, blog, or work on pictures…THAT IS IT!

Like I did last year, I am going to select 2 people that do not deserve to receive special treatment but will give it to them anyway. This is a HUGE challenge for me. Last year I started off good but gave up when the results were not positive. Well, I will give it a try again this year and pray a lot for successful results.

I want the kids to know what Easter is all about as well, so I have talked to the girls about giving something up, too. Addison is going to go to taggie at naptime and night time only! Alivia is still working on what she is going to give up. As for Chris, well, by default, he has to give up M&Ms too!

Happy Lent to everyone. May the gift of Jesus' sacrifice be with you now and all year through...


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Bargenquast Family said...

Hey Krista... I'm giving up alcohol for Lent, but for basically the same reasons, I am taking "a break" from facebook. It has "taken over" my life! ;)
Good luck on the special treatment.

Our church's theme for this Lent is JOY on the Journey.
(Jesus, Others, Yourself) (Prayer, Almsgiving, Fasting)

Happiness comes from the outside. Joy comes from the inside.

Wishing you JOY this Lenten season.