Sunday, March 01, 2009

Asher Turns 15 Months Old

Asher Wade was 15 months old yesterday, I mean today, no, I mean the day between yesterday and today (He would be 15 months on on the 29th, but there is not a leap year this year)! Asher is our most talkative child yet. He can say pretty much any word we ask him to say, or at least give it a try. He likes our cell phone, and even likes saying "Hi" to whomever is on the other end of it! He likes to play chase with Mommy, but it sometimes lands him with a bruise in an obvious place. Asher is a great sleeper. He goes to bed between 7:30 and 8, after reading a book and prayers. He goes right to sleep, waking 12 hours later saying, "Mama, Up! Mama,  UP!" He takes one nap in the afternoon from 12:30-4 or 4:30. Asher, however, is a light sleeper and will wake with any little sound.

Asher's favorites: Playing ball (and he catches and throws really well), playing with the little people barn and weeble wobbles, and playing with his cars on the wood floor and saying, "Vroom!!" At 15 months, we can really see the differences between boys and girls coming out! It probably comes as no surprise that Asher loves to eat! His favorite foods are pizza, crackers, and vanilla yogurt, but not together. Asher likes stroller rides, trips to the library, the children’s museum baby room, and he loved the zoo this last time. He likes to be in the same room with Mommy, too, which is fine with me!

Asher's dislikes: Since I am on the topic of food, I will begin with his food dislikes (Yes, there are things he will not eat!). He will not eat bread of any kind. I have tried everything. So, if it is a sandwich, grilled cheese, garlic toast, bread and butter, etc, rule it out as Asher will not eat it. It generally lands on the floor. He has just started not liking oranges, grapes, and apples which are the girls' favorite fruits. Ugh! Asher just started throwing his breakfast this week, but I am hoping this is a short term thing. Asher does not like sharing Mommy with ANYONE, but especially does not sharing my lap with Addison! He does not like to be woke up from his nap, and many times does not like car rides. He has fallen asleep only a handful of times in the car.

Asher had his 15 months appointment and is 21lb 4oz (9%), 29.5 in tall (8%) and 44.5cm head (1.79%). So, he looks big because his weight is more than his height in % (and he is short). We are hoping for a bit of a growth spurt now! And, to my surprise, Asher does not weigh more than Addison! She was 25lb with her clothes on! I was amazed! She seems so much lighter to carry around!

It is hard to believe that when Addison was 15 months old, she was almost going to be a big sister to Asher! We still look at Asher as our little baby, and I do not see that changing (even when he is 21!).


Asher: Do'n his own stunts, eh?Look out...Asher's catching up!Asher in the dolly stroller

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