Thursday, March 05, 2009

Finally, February in Review

Finally I am getting around to the month review and picture upload. Oh, where do I begin? We went to several fun places this month including BOINGZ twice, the zoo, Children's Museum, Grandparents' houses, lunch with Boppa, Boppa Bob's retirement party (yes, he is retired officially now!), library, and more! The weather was cold most of the month, keeping us mostly inside to enjoy our netflix movies from Aunt Marsha! We made a decision NOT to move, at least this year (and probably next year as well), but we will see. It would be nice to just stay and pay off our mortgage, wouldn't it? It is all about what we can get by with, not what we really want. Addison is finally going potty 99% of the time in the potty, helping me to do a couple fewer loads of laudry a day. I decided that I am definitely not a plumber, although I pretend to be one many times a month against my will (new faucets, unclogging toilets, etc!). Daddy began working 10 hour days minimum (usually from 6am-5pm with a few 6pm-7pm thrown in there) and will continue this until the end of March. I was lucky not to get called in for jury duty (and so were the kids who were going to go with me!). We had fun celebrating Valentine's Day and kicking off Lent at Ash Wednesday. I gave up M&Ms and limited computer time, Addison was SUPPOSED to give up her taggies during non sleeping hours, and I am not sure when Alivia and Chris gave up (Chris walked in the other day with a big bag of M&Ms and was stuffing them down! Not Nice! :) ). Now onto March...


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