Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Kindergarten Round-up


Today was Kindergarten Round-Up for Alivia. It is so hard to believe that Alivia is going to be starting elementary school this upcoming fall. I had conferences with her preschool teacher last week and she thought Alivia was doing well. She was at or above the level or her peers in all areas. Her teacher did hesitate to say she was 100% ready for school. With that, her teacher would not say whether or not to send Alivia to school or not. Alivia's birthday is the end of May, so she is borderline (Teacher's say girls born in May or later hold back with May being the borderline month and boys April or later with April being the borderline month). Alivia is a very timid, bashful little girl. However, with that said, her Mommy and Daddy were just like her when we were little. So, we really do not see one year helping her at all as far as being shy. That is just who she is!

The next question was which school to have Alivia (and Addison and Asher) attend. Well, since we were planning on moving, we gave our Catholic Church little thought. A large non-refundable deposit was required, and I was not about to throw THAT kind of money away. Then, Alivia's preschool teacher, who is also Catholic, explained to me that she did not feel Alivia would do well in Catholic School. She explained that there are more children in the classes, roughly 30, without the aides seen in many public schools. She said that a child needs to be a little outgoing to excel. Um, Alivia and the word outgoing have yet to be put together. Therefore, Catholic education was just not an option for her. Going from 8 to 10 little kiddos in preschool to 30 would be a big adjustment for any child, let alone a little girl like Alivia who is very timid and quiet.

So, today we went to Kindergarten Round-up at Standing Bear Elementary School. We have heard many great compliements about this school. It is also really nice that it is less than a mile from our house, so we will many times just walk to and from school together.

After arriving, there were brief introductions before the kids were called by the star on their name tags to go with their assigned teacher. Alivia was just a touch timid at first until she heard about a snack and then saw all the other kiddos walking up to join the teacher. She then went into a classroom where she listened to the story, "Wheels on the Bus," colored a picture, and ate a snack mix that included mini M&Ms! She even saw her friend, Sydney, who was in her class at preschool last year! Meanwhile, Mommy sat in the gym becoming increasing overwhelmed with the fact that our little baby was going to begin kindergarten next year (and Chris and I are about to embark on the next phase of life..."The School Years."). I missed Chris who was unable to truck back from Bellevue for this event (Just another reason why that move would have been nice!). I was surprised to see many Daddys at the event, too. I learned about the PTO, health requirements, what Alivia needed to bring to school on her first day, naptime, need for an extra outfit, etc. I just could not get rid of the lump in my throat. I guess I am not sure I am ready for Alivia to go to Kindergarten!

Alivia had fun! She was excited to return home to Grandma Bet, Addison and Asher and tell them about her morning in Kindergarten! And, I returned home knowing that I have 5 short months to prepare Alivia and myself for the big day! 



Almost school girl now!Alivia ready to goAlivia off to her class


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O'Toole said...

What an exciting day for Alivia!! She is going to do great!