Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patrick's Day '09

Today we were GREEN all day. The kids woke up to fresh green pancakes. Alivia asked, "What the heck are these?" but ate them anyway. Next we were off to swim class, where Alivia swam underwater! Finally, nearing 5 years old and several swimming lessons later, her practice and patience paid off! Next it was home to play outside on our greening grass in the beautiful 70 something degree day! After a brief non nap, it was off to cousin Cora's green birthday party at BOINGZ! The kids had a blast. Asher sat in, but mostly ran around. He would tell me he wanted in the BOINGZ jumpy things, and then he would want right back out. Alivia loves playing with her cousins, especially Lucas. They loved the green cupcakes, too! After this long day that began at 4:30 am for Mommy, we were all ready for bed, no green beer necessary.

Happy St. Patrick's

Green Pancakes....Mmmm!Alivia UNDERwaterHappy Fish AliviaAsher at BOINGZAlivia, jumped out!Addison & Uncle LouieCousin Cora turns 5!Party TimeAddison & Alivia at BOINGZ

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