Friday, March 06, 2009


14. 14 cents, not too much. $14, a pizza. 14 M&Ms sounds really good. 14 kids, um, a lot to handle. 14 miles, the distance from my home I grew up in to my high school (maybe, could be a little more or a little less). How about running 14 miles?

Sounded like a lot, but that was my goal for this week (I remember thinking 6 and 7 miles were a lot!). So, last night, after a morning walking the zoo with the kiddos, afternoon walking to the park and playing with the kiddos, and getting the kids bathed and ready for bed, I set out for this big goal. (I typically run ONLY when the kids are asleep, but Chris let me begin 40 minutes before bedtime since it was going to be getting darker and colder).

The run itself went smoothly. I did not have any major aches and pains until I reached mile 12- 12 1/2 or so. Then I felt like my body was going to crumble from the pounding of the pavement. The weather was beautiful and I loved running on sidewalks without snow or ice! I began in short sleeves and pants and stopped at home to grab a long sleeved shirt form the laundry room at mile 8 1/2 or so. My boring route consisted of going around the neighborhood 3 times (4.3 miles per circuit) which consists of too many hills for me to count, then going around a big circle near our home (1 mile), then running slower as a cool down for the last 0.1 mile).

I finished! It felt great to achieve that goal and know that I could complete the half marathon distance (which is 13.1 miles), especially if I can just get up fresh and run it without going to the zoo and park first. However, I am learning a few things by doing my long runs. 1. I need new shoes. I have lost one toenail already (and it is growing back) and have blisters in front of every toe (but none of these things bother me). 2. I need to figure out what to eat before and after my runs 3. I need to relax after my long runs and 4. TRY to do my long runs in the mornings! 

Last night, again, I finished my run, showered, and went to the grocery store. The options were to go to the store after my run or to do it with the kiddos in the morning. I WILL GO NOW! As I entered aisle 5 at Walmart, the sickness began. I had finished running, chugged a gallon or so of apple juice (it looked good at the time) and then went to the store. I think I am getting low blood sugar when I keep doing stuff without feeding my worn out body. I came home and pulled it together to bring in the groceries and put them away so Chris would not be annoyed with me for leaving them for him to do at that late hour.

I laid on the couch to work up the effort to climb the stairs to bed (Chris went outside running at this point. He runs a few miles less and thinks I am nuts). I forced myself up the stairs to bed (you think this would be the easy part of the day!). Unfortunately, that was the last thing my body wanted and landed me in the bathroom in a heap. Let's just say my body refused the apple juice. 

When Chris finally got back from his run and showered. I was wired. My body was still recovering and did not want to sleep. I think I spent most of the night in bed awake. But, I have learned what and what not to do. Although I deeply dread my long runs at night, I love them once I am out there and get done. This is my time for deep thought and peace, and I will do it until my body no longer allows me to. However, that full marathon is looking like A LONG WAY at this point!

Run on... 

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