Thursday, March 05, 2009

March to the Zoo...

Today we marched to the zoo! It is so nice out (March appears to be coming in like a lamb OH NO!) that we just had to get out and enjoy it! Unlike our most recent visits, we were not the only ones there today. As usual, Alivia wanted to start at the desert dome. We also visited the night exhibit below the dome. We do not visit this area often. Seriously, it is almost too dark to walk in there. I could hear the crocs splashing below my feet and just prayed to not soon be joining them! Addison said, "That was scary," as we walked out (and I had to admit, I thought it was a bit much myself!) Since the weather was nice, I wanted to visit the animals that we had not seen in a while since it has been so cold. We trucked it all the way up the giant hill of the zoo to visit the elephants and came up empty. UGH! The seals were gone for winter too. There were like 3 fish under the bridge to feed, but we did catch the giraffe's inside. After climbing another giant hill, we stopped for popcorn since Mommy left her head and the nicely packed cooler at home! We quickly visited the aquarium before calling it a morning. Asher was really tired after walking a lot of it. It was fun to see what he wanted to see. This is a day like I always dreamed of when I was working. It would be nice out and I had to take the girls (or just Alivia at the time) to daycare. This is what a kids' life should be made of...nice days and trips to the zoo!


March Day at the zooAlivia on the Elephant

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