Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring Cleaning at the Austin House

I'm Lucky, I guess. I did my spring cleaning in January in preparation for moving. But, since today we are not moving, I have less to do. (However, Chris and I change our minds often on the moving thing. Who knows...tomorrow we may be moving again). I have the STAY AT HOME SYNDROME. What is that? Well, you stay home and stare at all the things you do not like about where you live until you have to do something about it. I believe this is a real thing. Not to name any names, but I have talked to people that recently began spending more time in their homes and they sound like me with their long list of improvements they want to do.
Moving forward, spring brings time to clean the windows, right? Well, I'm lazy. So, I think we should just buy new ones. Ha ha. Actually, we are pricing window replacement for our upstairs. We have a few with broken seals that need to be replaced or repaired. I had no idea how complex it is to buy a few windows. They cost as much (if not more) than a car! Seriously, I had no idea! We do have a friend who is an installer for Pella that may be able to do the installation for us, which may help. I will be sure to post pictures of our new cars, I mean windows, if we do go ahead with this major undertaking.
Next comes the brass. I am not happy with the brass that remains in our home. Yuck! So, Chris and I took the big trip to Lowes last week to buy 9 door knobs for our upstairs. Seriously, door knobs do not come cheap either! With that said, they make our home look so much better! Now, after a couple days of installation with some help from Asher (he held the tools for me!) we have all brushed nickel door knobs. Next, I hate cleaning the bathrooms (although I do this several times a week!). So, let's just buy new faucets. However, a new faucet costs $200 to $250 if not more! Um, I refuse to pay that! So, onto Ebay I go. I have purchased a new brushed nickel faucet and tub/shower set for the kids' bathroom and am considering moving onto our bathroom. The problem...this just means that there are many installations in our future! Chris and I (mostly Chris though) hate plumbing projects because they are never easy!
I am now thinking that maybe, just maybe, moving would have been easier, and maybe even less expensive (but unlikely!).

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