Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Verdict

We are staying. Chris built a nice FOR SALE BY OWNER webpage, I cleaned up and cleared out the house, had 3 real estate agents come and check out our pad, we had one showing, but we have decided to stay...for now. We looked at building a new home in the areas we found we liked near Chris' work. However, in order to get all the features we wanted plus finish off the basement, we were talking more than we wanted to spend. So, for now, we will stay in our nice and clean home. Future plans: Putting on a nice deck with built in privacy, upgrading the kitchen a little, and perhaps some window upgrades. Chris and I are really upset that we can not get our dream house now. However, even when I am back at work full time, we will never live on my paycheck. We will always use my paycheck for college savings, retirement, etc. We do not want to get into a nice new house where we are forced to either need me to return to work and/or need my paycheck once I do return to work.

So, it is settled. Nearly 3 months of stress behind us. Boy, I can hardly wait until we do it again! So, tomorrow I will return those FOR SALE BY OWNER signs and get my kidney back!

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