Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Wrong Way

Today marked my long run day. I woke up with the alarm at 5am, wind howling, and turned off the alarm. "Sounds cold and windy," I said to myself and went back to sleep.

As the morning went on, it looked so nice and sunny. I went outside for a second and BRRR! Seriously, I am running on the treadmill.

Then, my sister came over. Humm...I have a crazy idea.

First, let me recap a bit.

A couple of weeks ago, I was ready to run nearly 13 miles (12.9 to be exact. But, who's counting). I planned on running it after putting the kids to bed one Friday night. Well, Friday is pizza night at the Austin house, and we got good pizza on this Friday. Knowing I was going to be running, I did not want to eat it. But, come on, this is good New York Pizza. So, I had one, then 2 and finally a 3rd piece (it was sooo good!). Had our Friday night kids' flick, put the kids to bed, then slipped on my runner's hat for a nice little jog.

Ran the 12.9 miles smoothly. Then, I stopped. I was cold and sick. Very sick. But, I had to go to the grocery store. So, I pulled it together and ran out to get the essentials including cocoa puffs (the breakfast that we have when Daddy is home only). As I was leaving the store, I knew I was sick. But, waited until I drove into the neighborhood. Um, it was not pretty. I drug myself into the house where Chris was less than sympathetic since he thinks anyone who purposely runs 12.9 miles must be insane (and he did not want to put away the groceries).

So, today during the kids' quiet time, I decided to skip the pizza and try again for the 13 (last week I ran more like 10 miles). Maybe I should run to my sisters??! I started my run and BRRR! Seriously, can it get any windier? As I ran down 156th street (where there are not any sidewalks) I began to see what Chris saw in me...insanity. But, then I turned onto State street, where there are still no sidewalks, but I felt at ease. Growing up on a farm, this was like the cross country running I was used to. I liked it. Peaceful, really. I ran all the way to my sister's house in a neighborhood near I680 and 72nd Street. I smiled when I finally reached her house, amazed that I made it in one piece.

I had her measure the distance with her car on the way home (yes, I had her DRIVE me home). 10.9 miles!! Seriously! I ran all that way and still came up short. Oh come on!! Wind, no sidewalks, and only 10.9 miles!! I was more than annoyed.

I guess there is always next week. But, I will never run to my sister's house again.

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