Monday, March 28, 2011

What's for Dinner?

There is one question that does not get easier with time, "What's for Dinner." So far, "Whatever you are making," has not worked for an answer.

We have a limited menu, which makes my job as the one who prepares dinner difficult and just plain boring.

Things on our option list are pasta, tacos (with lettuce and cheese), cheese pizza, grilled chicken breasts, chicken legs (and only Chris, Addi and Asher eat chicken), deli night - where I make something that resembles subway sandwiches, breakfast night, pasta bake, an occasional hotdog (for Chris and maybe one-two of the kids will eat that - why I don't know) and that is about it. YAWN!

Eating out is something we rarely do. Don't get me wrong, I would love to eat out. But, with our picky eaters, they end up coming home and eating anyway. So, eating out is a total waste of money at this point. We are leaving eating out to the kids' special dates with Chris and I for the time being.

At lunch time, Addison and Asher will eat just about anything. We love soup in the winter, any fruit and any vegetable. Their favorite foods are steamed broccoli and a broccoli, cheese and rice dish. Seriously, if it is a healthy food item, Addison and Asher will eat it. Now, if Alivia is home for lunch, she will not eat any of their favorite foods. Come on, I am not a short order cook. Actually, I am not a cook at all!

We don't eat any red meat at home. Alivia only eats a cheeseburger from McDonalds and Turkey peperoni, by her choice only. She is just really picky. Addison and Asher generally will eat chicken and sometimes turkey. Addison actually loves chicken and her new love, shrimp. I don't eat meat generally. I usually have chicken or shrimp maybe once a year. I would like to eat more seafood, but I would never buy it for just myself (nobody else likes seafood). I get my fill of fruits, vegetables, salads, and carbs.

I am bored. I need to find more food options so I can stop yawning through dinner.

Any suggestions?

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