Sunday, June 14, 2009

Chris is Right!

On a usual Sunday from 12-3 PM, Chris is doing the Open House while I take the kids out to find something fun to fill our Sunday with. Well, today, after not having any sleep since waking yesterday morning (that's right, SATURDAY MORNING) at 6:30, Chris offered the Open House to me and he would take the kids out. I did hesitate until I heard Chris had a plan to go to his parents' house. Okay, sign me up for the open house! How hard can it be, right?

After doing the open houses, Chris always wants to pull the FSBO sign. I am always like, come on here...we decided we want to move, let's give this a go. We can not be wishy washy with this! We have gone to so much work to get to this point.

I have had 3 families in the last hour come through and 2 were both quite interested. One had their home on the market and are looking to move up. The other had a 3 bedroom, 3 kids, Mom and Dad, as well as a Grandma living with them! UGH! They are crammed. The mom was so excited she sent their 5 year old little girl up to pick out her room. She came down and told me she wants Alivia's room (not sure Alivia is ready to hear that until she picks out her new room!). That couple was quite excited, asking many questions about our home, neighborhood, etc. They really liked our home, and that was clear. Chris has told me this of many couples before, and we never hear back from them. Many of them have to get loan approval, have to sell their home first, etc, so it is just a matter of time. I think it will go from no offers to 2 in a week. After hearing all the nice compliments, it does make me sad. Chris and I put our hearts into our first home. We brought home our babies to this home. I learned how to decorate, and Chris and I both found our modern taste in this home.

God has a plan for us. I am just waiting to see what it is and where we will live. Since Chris and I can not seem to decide, we will leave it in His hands and see.

P.S. I have no problem admitting to Chris he is right, either!

P.S. again: Had 6 people walk through total.

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