Thursday, June 04, 2009

Swim Class Drama

Alivia and Addison started daily swim class on Monday morning. I thought it would be fun to take lessons outside for once. Little did I know that the weather would turn cold and rainy on me! Anyway, Monday was Asher's 18 month check-up, so Chris had to break away from work to take the girls to day one. I could not ask anyone else to take them because I was expecting a little drama from Addison. A "little" drama would have been a dream for Daddy who had to withstand high pitch screams like Addison was experiencing a night terror or something. Needless to say, she barely got her feet wet. Day 2 came my turn. Unfortunately, Addison behaved no differently. So, we were asked to step away from the pool as she was scaring the kids (and the parents) with her loud cries. I was mortified as the many parents stared at me wondering what was I doing to my little girl. I wondered, why is it only my little girl out of the 50 kids there that had to melt down, not one, but 2 days in a row.

So, today, I thought, I have Aunt Nikki to help and only Alivia to swim, this should be easy. I guess I should go with the motto, NOTHING IS EVER EASY. Today, after telling everyone that would listen that Addison "freaked out" Monday and Wednesday (Tuesday it rained) at the pool, Alivia wanted to take her turn. Okay, a 2 year old behaving badly or scared is one thing, but a 5 year old? Today, I was using all my strength to keep Alivia in the pool area. She was not being good. I had a "chat" with her in the restroom before returning to the pool. She got in and had 5-10 minutes alone with the instructor (normally she is in a class with 3-4 other students) to do all of today's activities. Once she had completed, Alivia got out and wanted to go home!

Let's just say swimming lessons are a big investment. There is the large fee for the lesson, the pool fee (to use an outdoor pool), etc. I am running out of kidneys and nobody is swimming here. I am looking into moving Alivia back to the indoor pool where she took winter lessons (at the same swim school) and did well. Perhaps she just does not like swimming in a heated pool when the temps are in the 60's (come on...who does?!).

Here's hoping tomorrow goes better

Wednesday at swim class.Today, floatingAddison BEFORE


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O'Toole said...

Where is the outdoor pool?

Austin Family said...

Westgate Pool on 84th and Grover through the Barb Graeve Swim School.