Thursday, June 04, 2009

Wildlife Safari

Oh...Look it! It's a...what is that? It's an Elk!Elk...everywhere!Deer!Oh deer...Beautiful ForestAsher leaning WAY out!PelicansNikki holding on to AsherReady to hike!It's a black bear!The Great Wolf!Steep, rocky hill (better going down!)BIG hill...looking UPBison

Today we visited the Simmons' Wildlife Safari on exit 426. We have never been there, so we did not know what to expect. Aunt Nikki is in town from Colorado, so she was on the trip with us (and was quite helpful!).

The safari turned out to be a lot of fun, and I think everyone would recommend it. You drive slowly through the "park" of grasslands, beautiful wooded areas, and wetlands and see animals such as bison (buffalo), deer, anelope, elk, black bear & wolves (in a separate caged in area that we "hiked" to),  as well as many birds, cranes and more! If one goes with kids, a jogging stroller is the only way to go for the "hikes."  It was a nice day and loads of fun! Asher and Addison leaned out the window (with Nikki holding them in) and saying "hi" and "bye bye" to the animals, both waving! Many of the animals walked right in front of the car or were seen sitting or eating right outside our car window! We ended the trip with a picnic and playing a bit on the playset.

We will definitely take the safari again! Now lean back in your chair and enjoy the picture safari...I took lots of them!

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