Monday, June 22, 2009

Reality Divorce

I'm sad, about Jon & Kate's decision to file for divorce. I watch very little TV. Let's just say I watch LOST and Jon & Kate +8. Other than that...I watch random TV, but nothing regularly. I have watched Jon & Kate since the first show. Their 6 were born 15 days before our little Alivia was born, so I liked watching to see how they raised their kids, disciplined them, potty trained them, and all the fun places they took them. It was no secret that Kate was a bit harsh on Jon. Okay, perhaps she was a bit more than harsh. Jon was the quiet one. All of that harshness had to get to a person eventually. I am not giving Jon excuses, because there are not any excuses. Both Jon and Kate are at fault. I just do not understand how they could not try and make it work for their 8 kids. They just renewed their vows last August afterall! Come on! They kept saying on the show how they do things for their kids. Since when is divorce the best thing for kids? Since when is Daddy not being home every night or Mommy being home every day the best thing for kids? I know, I know, I do not know their specific situation. With that said, you marry "For better or for worse" and they did that twice, once in front of their 8.

Thinking of our marriage, I just could not think of ever living separately from Chris (sorry to those who keep wishing...). I may get mad at him and vice versa (less now that I stay home. Our lives are so much more relaxed now that I take care of the kids and home and Chris works. HIGHLY recommend being a SAHM for any mom who is overwhelmed working. Makes everything better). We made a promise to each other x5: Once on the day we got married, then again on the day we got married in the Catholic Church, and then once for each child we had together. We are committed to each other. If the going gets rough, we will take a trip together and work it out, get into counseling, and recommit ourselves to US.

I think Chris can relate to Jon. Chris is the quiet one (shocker!) and I am the witch. No, I am not quite that witchy, although some would probably argue that. I am, however, more honest than I should be sometimes. I do say too much that is on my mind sometimes. Chris and I are really honest with one another, so my honesty does not affect Chris directly, but more indirectly. I like things perfect, but not as bad as Kate. I let the kids eat without bibs (the kids Alivia's age wear bibs on the show! Addison, who is 2, has not wore a bib in a year!). I do like our home to be clean. Anyone with kids knows this is rather difficult. I have gotten much worse since our home has been on the market, too. I am VERY particular, like having the laundry caught up, like cleaning one room before moving to play in another. I can relate to Kate, but she was a bit rude to Jon. I many times felt bad for him as she yelled at him. With that said, the bad moments made for good TV. So, I assumed that they portrayed Kate that way and she was not really THAT bad. Perhaps I was wrong.

The whole thing is sad. I feel sad for their beautiful 8. Jon's comment that he was excited for the next chapter because he is only 32 (so he is still young enough to start over or what? What crap!). I am sad, mad, frustrated, et al.

Now, what will be my Jon & Kate replacement? I'm sorry, I do not do reality divorce! 

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