Monday, June 01, 2009

Asher's 18m Check Up

Asher had his 18 m check up today. He is 22 lb 2 oz (7%), 31 inches tall (15%) and his head is 44.5 cm (0.61%). Okay, his head does not want to grow, not growing at all since he was 12 months.  Dr. Calderon, our pediatrician, is going to consult his wife, a pediatric neurologist, to see if we should do anything about this. Asher is at or surpassing what he should be doing at 18 months, so that is all good. Dr. Calderon is considering measuring my head to see if we just have small heads (we must be all brain!). Addison has a small head, too, so perhaps that is it. Who knows.

Otherwise, Asher is healthy. Funny, the nurse took one look at Asher, who looks like a big boy even though he really isn't, and said, "So I take it he is a good eater." Then Dr. Calderon talked to me and recommended Asher begin a multivitamin because he does not like meat or milk. Dr. Calderon was somewhat curious if Asher is allergic to milk like Chris since he completely refuses it, even if flavored. However, Addison did the same thing. I think it has to do with breastmilk and milk tasting so much different. I should had introduced it better (like 1/2 and 1/2 initially or something). Asher does not like texture of some foods, like Chris. Asher does not like bread, he will eating cookie dough but not the cookie, he does not like fruit snacks, etc. It just looks like Asher is picky like his parents. Poor thing!

Next Appointment is at 2 years! I am not even going to think about that!

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