Sunday, June 14, 2009

June Day at the Forest

This month we decided to select a weekend day and go to Fontenelle Forest with Daddy. We wanted to show Daddy what we liked about getting away to the forest, as well as take a hike off the boardwalk (which, at this point, I will not do alone with the 3 kids and no stroller!). It may have been a little muddy, but that did not stop us! Addison walked probably a mile or more before wanting to be held, while Asher did not want to get his shoes all muddy! We got off the boardwalk and walked over the train tracks right down to the river. It was beautiful (but quite scary!). Alivia hunted and found many snails. She carried them around before she left them in their new "habitat," Alivia's new word for the day. Addison found a nice worm, while Asher just found 4 shoulders (Daddy's and mine) to lay on as we hiked. While we may not have seen any deer on this visit, we were able to see a wild turkey and hear it, "GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE!"

The verdict: Daddy liked the Forest better than the zoo! It was very peaceful to hike through the forest, and we only saw a few park rangers (so we were more or less alone!). After playing outside, we made our way inside to play before calling it a morning! Now, Daddy thinks he may go to the Forest and spend his lunch break there sometime! What a wonderful way to spend a Saturday morning.

Boardwalk RiverwalkDown by the RiverWatching the River's CurrentSnailsLooking at the swamp!Monkey AliviaBuilding a houseProof...Mommy went too!

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