Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Visit to the Splash Station


Upon Arrival...Alivia goes "Weee!"Break timeWatching Nikki in the wave poolAsher breaking itMmmm, nachos!Alivia swimmingFinally...Addison is happy!Too much pool?

Today, our day started early picking up Aunt Nikki at the airport, shopping for Father's Day, and running errands. After a quick lunch, we took off on our first trip to the pool in Fremont. We went to the Splash Station last year and had a great time. This year, I thought it would be easier with the 3 kiddos all walking and liking the water. Again, I should never assume that things will be easier.

We arrived shortly after noon to sunny skies and 90 degree temps. What a great day to go to the pool! Right away, Addison and Alivia did not like the big water tower that dumped 500 gallons of water every 2 minutes with a big horn warning. Alivia loved the train slides (unlike last year when she was afraid to go down them). Asher...oh Asher! The boy is nuts. He just would walk to the side of the pool and jump in. Quite scary when me eyes wandered between the 3 kids. Asher liked to jump off the side to me (not going under obviously) and then "swimming" and kicking in the water. Addison liked splashing at first, sticking her hair in the water to get wet. And then there was a 10 minute break. That broke her from the water for some reason. After the break, Aunt Nikki was in the wave pool, Alivia was swimming by Asher and I, and Addison was screaming and crying at the top of her lungs that she was cold (it is 90 degrees and NOT COLD!) and wanted to go home! I needed help and quickly. I picked up Addison screaming and kicking, picked up Asher and told Alivia to come with me to get Nikki. Nikki swam with Asher and Alivia in tow back over to where we were swimming initially. I held Addison, screaming at the top of her lungs while we swam. I took her out of the water to sit on the side so I could go back to Asher. Addison screamed louder. Oh lovely. Meanwhile, Mommy's everywhere were staring at me as they were wondering, "Come on, do something about your daughter." Okay, I had my hands full! I could not get Addison to stop screaming. Addison stripped out of her swimsuit and searched for her clothes, quickly changing back into them. I was done. Nikki sat with Addison outside the pool for a while, then we switched off. If I was at the pool alone, our trip would had ended half hour after arrival. But, luckily, we had Nikki along so at least Alivia and Asher could swim.

So, trip one to the pool down, unsuccessfully. I do not know what Addison's deal is with pools. She does fine at open swim at the YMCA (where we are there alone), so perhaps she likes quiet swimming. Her favorite part of the day: Nachos that Nikki got. Alivia's favorite was the slides. Asher's favorite, if he could say, was jumping off the side and scaring Mommy and Aunt Nikki with his lack of fear! Oh, and Asher liked licking off the cheese on the nachos and dipping it back in for more. Mmmm...double dipping!

I now know that as a Mommy, nothing is easy, and I will never assume otherwise.

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