Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day 2009

Father's Day 2009Airplane watchingBig steerman (whatever that's a plane)Asher & DaddyBye Bye Airplane!

Happy Father's Day! This year Chris is the Daddy of Asher, 18 months, Addison, 2 1/2 years, & Alivia, 5!

After Daddy opened his presents at home (new shorts, shirt, socks and a gift card to Best Buy), we went to the annual flight breakfast in Harlan, Iowa. Although a little cloudy, some planes came in for breakfast. We arrived around 9, wishing Grandpa Bill a Happy Father's Day. We ate some breakfast (Asher ate eggs and the girls enjoyed some chocolate milk) and then watched the planes fly in and out. Asher waved "Bye Bye!" excitedly to each one of them. Asher really got into it! Addison wanted to take a airplane ride (soon Addison...soon). It was fun. We gave Grandpa a movie and a photo storage card for his new phone (techy Grandpa!).

Then we loaded up and came back to Omaha to visit with Grandpa Bob. Grandpa also got the DVD Gran Torino and a golf towel from the Oak Hills Country Club where they are now members. After visiting them for a bit, we went out for the annual TCBY treat (Daddy's get a free treat at TCBY on Father's Day!).

Back at home, it is now rest time. We hope to get in a good bike ride with the kids and maybe some water time.

Why can't every day be Father's Day...right Daddy?

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