Friday, March 06, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is another day older for little OLD me. Yes, I am getting OLDer every year. Please, do not remind me. I was surprised with a sweet card and a gift of vacuum cleaner bags from Topher and the kids this morning, having received a brand new vacuum yesterday in the mail! Okay, I know what you are thinking, your husband actually gave you a vacuum for your birthday? Well, I am not one of THOSE girls who thinks I should just get a vacuum because I need it and scoff at the idea of getting one as a gift. I have asked for one for YEARS. And, because of those women making those negative comments, he would not buy me one. Well, I was not going out to buy one either. They are expensive! Mine worked, just not well. With 3 messy children, we needed one that worked well. Well, my husband turned out not to be one of THOSE husbands, either, and bought me a vacuum for my birthday. It is shiny red and I love it. Now, just if I can figure out how to turn it on. :)

Since my birthday falls on a Friday this year, it is Pizza Night and Movie night with the kids. Oh, and I am hoping for some chocolate cupcakes topped with heaps of chocolate frosting. MMMmmm! So, we are getting Mama's Pizza and have Wall-E from Netflix to watch with them. After they go to bed, Chris and I have some dark comedy, again from Netflix, BURN AFTER READING, that we will watch. I am looking forward to just SITTING and EATING all night long! After all, I am OLD and I deserve it, right? 

...& Many More!!!

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O'Toole said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! Hope your night was great!!