Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Visit to Santa 2008

Today was our annual trip to see Santa Claus. After last year, I was happy that Grandma Kathy when with us this year. We arrived at the mall before Santa Claus arrived at his workshop and were the first in line to see him. Addison acted very curious and maybe a little excited even. She was the first jump up into Santa's sleigh. Of course, if Addison is up there, Alivia will try. Santa helped to warm her up so she would sit in the sleigh, too. Then it was Asher's turn. Let's just say, he still has stranger anxiety and Santa is not one of the exceptions. We took a few pictures and video'd a second before calling it a day. Alivia told Santa she wanted an airplane (so I guess I will wrap one of Asher's toys up for Alivia), Addison said she wanted a baby doll (check!), and Asher just wanted Mommy. We played a little at the mall, shopped and then ended with a nice warm Panera lunch. I think we may have wore Grandma Kathy out!

Until next year...HO HO HO!!


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