Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Eve with the Bigas


We celebrated Christmas Eve at the Biga's this year. We arrived just before 4, and the fun began soon after. There are many cousins to play with, as well as toys, so the kids have a blast! We went to the 8pm Mass like we did last year. But, this year, we decided we will never, and I mean never, do that again. (We found out that there is a negative to having kiddos on a strict nighttime schedule. 8PM is bedtime - any day of the year.) Alivia, Addison and Asher were ready for bed, making Mass less than enjoyable. Next year, we will have to miss family time to go to Mass. We came home, got the cookies and milk ready for Santa, read our traditional Christmas stories, and go the kids to bed about 10! Yikes! We still had to get the presents ready and the house picked up for family the next day. Needless to say, I can not remember walking to bed (I think I was asleep before I walked upstairs).

Now, onto having a Merry Chrismtas to ALL!!


Yeee Haaa!Alivia and CoraKiddy TableRudoff AliviaAsher playingKiddos at Mass

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