Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The Eulogy: Honoring Grandma

Grandma Vera and Addison: December 2007Grandma Vera with Asher: December 07Grandma Marci & Vera playing with Alivia: Mother's Day 2008

I was honored to give my version of a eulogy for my Grandma Vera at her funeral yesterday. I used my blog I had written as a start. After practicing it over and over again, I thought I would be able to get through it during the funeral. But, I found it to be quite difficult. While I was presenting the eulogy, Alivia and Addison were both asking why Mommy was sad. :( I do think it helped me to honor my Grandma Vera in a special way, and I was able to write down special memories of her.


Remembering Grandma Vera

I am Krista Austin and am the daughter of Derald and Bette Graybill, and the youngest of Grandma Vera's grandchildren. I have had a hard time putting something together to say today about Grandma, because I can never do justice for all the things she accomplished during her 93 years. We are all grieving for an amazing woman, a wife, a mother, a grandmother, and a friend.

I will remember Grandma Vera in many ways. I will remember the days when she and Grandpa Cloyce parked their camper in my parent's backyard for many summers. She only kept a couple of toys in there, buy my sister Nikki and I loved to visit her. Grandma and Grandpa put many miles traveling in the camper.  I will remember her saying at Christmas, "Do you like it? after we opened each gift and having paper fights with my Grandpa George. I will also remember and say "Pert Near" her phrase meaning almost. Grandma loved to shop. I did not know one person needed so many nice clothes, especially coats! When I think of Grandma, I think of her living in her house on the northwest side of Shelby, going there on Memorial day for BBQs, playing in the backyard, and hearing Grandma play the organ. Grandma Vera was 93 years old, 60 years older than me. She most certainly did not want her age to stand in her way. She attended family gatherings and many of my kids' birthday parties and baptisms. She liked "farming" with my Dad, and she was amazed with how advanced Dad's combine was! My cousin Mark will remember the day he took her to the casino in Council Bluffs, oh how her eyes lit up when they walked in. They would still be there playing if Grandma had it her way. Grandma Vera absolutely loved being a Great Grandma and always asked about my kids when we would visit. She kept saying that my husband and I were going to have 2 girls and then 2 boys just like she did (Oh, I am not so sure about that one, Grandma!). We all have so many fond memories of Grandma Vera, memories that we will forever keep in our hearts.

Oh Grandma, we will miss you!

I will end with an exert from a poem I found titled, "Whispers from Heaven" written by Marilyn Ferguson:

"...I know how much you miss me

Your tears fall ever light

The pillow where you lay your head

Is wet with them at night


You needn't be so troubled

Stay close to God and pray

That someday we'll be together

One bright and glorious day.


So my love, you shouldn't question

My dear you need not cry

I've gone to be with Jesus

I really didn't die."


May eternal light shine upon you Grandma! We love and miss you!


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