Friday, December 12, 2008

An "I owe you"

So, how's the job going? Well, overall, it is going well. It has given me a way to wean Asher for night time feedings (although perhaps I should work in the morning so I can get him over the morning one!), and it gives Chris some bonding time with the kids alone. I do miss them in my 3 hours or so I am away. Typically, they are asleep for most of the time, if not all of the time, I am away.
I have purchased something, hair bows. I bought a mother load today because there were additional employee discounts at Gymboree offered, and I have more to buy and J and J tomorrow. Asher is set (knowing that he will get some things as gifts) for next year. He just needs a few play clothes. I am struggling with what to buy Alivia for school next year. Oh, it would be so much easier to have her in a uniform! The idea of the clothes she needs overwhelms me, so I have hardly bought her anything in advance.
So, in the end, it is coming out an I owe you from working. I do think the discount helps some, considering the volume of clothes we have to buy for our 3 kids. And, I enjoy the pizza night I get after coming home!

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