Monday, December 22, 2008

It's in the bag?

Every night is much like the last. We eat dinner, I clean up. While I clean up, the girls go into their rooms and play while Asher plays cars or something with Daddy in the family room. Keep in mind, we have a 2 story house (3 levels including the basement), so we can only hear the girls upstairs - not see them. My clean up takes 10 to 15 minutes depending upon how messy dinner was.
Anyway, 2 nights ago started off the same. We ate dinner, I started the clean up while the girls raced to play in their rooms until bath time. However, this night was different. Alivia yelled downstairs to me, "Mommy, Addison's making a mess." Oh, great! I have not even got this mess cleaned up. So, I raced upstairs to see what she was up to. Well, Alivia had opened the soap for her and she was rubbing soap all over their bathroom that I had just cleaned that morning. Alivia had also gotten the Pledge bottle down and they had sprayed that all over the floor making it extremely slippery. I sent Alivia and Addison to their rooms while I tried to start cleaning it up.
"But wait..." Alivia said.
But wait what? I asked.
"Piper...she is in the hamper." Okay, I have seen this before. Alviia takes out the clothes and puts Piper, our cat, in there (now can you see why I thought Piper would be better off in a better home?). I told Alivia to repeat that to Daddy as he got upstairs to see what was going on.
"Piper is in the pink bag in the hamper."
Pink bag? What pink bag. My mind raced as I quickly opened the hamper to find Piper shoved into an extremely small zip up dolly bag, her eyes bugging out of her tiny head in fear! UGH! I quickly opened the bag to save our cat from an early entry to the other world for pets. I have never seen that cat run away so fast!
Needless to say, we have a couple new rules now.
1. Alivia and Addison (and Asher too but that is obvious) can now only play right in front of us! They can not go to their rooms or to another level in our home without Mommy or Daddy with them.
2. LEAVE PIPER ALONE! We are allowing them to pet the cat when she is on our laps. Other than that, Piper is off limits!
3. No more dolly bags or any bags. The nice clothes bags for their babies have been tossed and replaced with toy bins.

Needless to say, our after dinner routine looks much different now." Let's color while Mommy cleans up," or "Play hide and seek with Daddy while Mommy cleans up." is now the new routine.

Still waiting...and waiting...for a dull moment. :)

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