Monday, December 29, 2008

Asher At 13 Months

 Normally, I do not do monthly updates after a year. But, this month is special for Asher. One year ago was when he was hospitalized with RSV. Asher will always be our child with 9 lives, or at least 2 of them!

A lot has changed in the last month. Asher is now walking, unofficially. He can take 15 or so steps and stand alone. But, is still crawling as his primary mode of movement. It is so fun to watch him walk and then look to us for cheers. He likes walking to Alivia, too! He still likes walking holding onto my hand, too, but is now down to one hand. He appears to be getting taller and becoming more of a little boy than a baby. He is talking a lot (especially when compared to his sisters at this age). He says "cocoa" for cocoa puffs!, Piper (our cat), Boppa (for Grandpa), car, Dadda, Mamma, Ball, uh-oh, ugh-uh (for no while shaking his head), hi, bye-bye,and sock just to name a few things.  He is really good about repeating words I say. I tell him to say, "ball" and point to a ball, and he will repeat it not just that time, but a day or 2 later will still remember. I seem to understand Asher more than Addison, probably because he talks to me without his thumb in his mouth! He also loves to tell us yes and no by shaking his head. Asher still loves to eat, and a lot. Although officially weaned last week from nursing, he is having problems with thinking breakfast should be at 5 AM! Today, for example, he ate breakfast twice! He likes table foods, but is choking a lot! So, we still give him a serving of baby food at every meal and supplement with table food. He is sleeping 7:45-5 or 6 AM (but sometimes 7:30...since weaning he is all over the place). He naps from 12:30-4 or 4:30! However, we are considering a room exchange with Alivia because he is such a light sleeper. Since he is right over the entryway with shutters closing his room off, he hears every noise and wakes up. He typically goes back to sleep, but it just makes it difficult to get anything done while he is in bed since we pretty much have to stay in the basement. We will see. Asher continues to like to be close to Mommy's side, crying if I am out of sight for even a moment!
It is amazing how much Asher has changed in the last month! By the end of today...he is walking a lot!! We look forward to seeing him grow in the months to come.

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