Thursday, October 07, 2010

We've Been Boo-ed!

Last night, we were watching TV around dusk when the door bell rang. Who would be coming to our house now? The kids ran to the door to see a package. Inside were Halloween treats, stickers, coloring books and more and a sign saying that "We've Been Boo-ed!"

What does that mean?

It's a Halloween version of the Secret Santa or May Basket: secretly leaving BOO gift bags or baskets at the door of someone's home, a Boo Poem, Boo Instructions, and a Boo Sign at the neighbor's door. In turn, the neighbor or friend or classmate is to BOO at least two other people, leading to more BOO and pre-Halloween fun.
To get started, you can just print off your Boo Kit and let the fun begin. The kids had a blast putting together our BOO kits and delivering them tonight, in their PJ's no less!


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