Thursday, October 28, 2010

Addison's Preschool Halloween Party

Today was Addison's Sacred Heart Preschool Halloween Party. Many Moms were volunteering to help, so I did not initially jump on board (11 out of 15 moms were helping!). But, Addison wanted me to go.

Asher and I arrived at 10:15 for the start of the party. They began with a treat, then played pass the pumpkin and ghost bowling before ending with a bat craft. Addison was so quiet. I'm not sure she said anything the entire time I was there. Let's just say, she is NOT QUIET at home. Anyway, they ended their party with practicing trick or treating as they walked to greet their parents for pick up. It was adorable.

Addison enjoyed a few too many treats before settling down for her nap. What a fun morning, and Asher and I were so glad Addison invited us to come!

Addison was mesmerized by "the hulk"

Addison with her Bat Craft

Asher at home in Addi's Dorothy shoes

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