Monday, October 11, 2010

Cheating at our Diet

As I mentioned in a previous post, Chris and I are supposed to be on a money diet. We are typically good with this type of thing, but we slipped and cheated over the weekend.

Chris would say it was my fault, and I would say it was his fault. Let me explain.

I wanted one more tree for the backyard to offer more shade to the back patio. Since we decided to only plant trees in the fall, I wanted to get the tree now. And, I found a big tree at an exceptional value. So, Chris agreed to get the tree.

Saturday, we picked up this massive tree and brought it home somehow hanging out of our van (it was not a pretty picture and luckily I did not take one). Chris sat it in the yard for proper placement. As we wanted it sit there during the day, Chris could not stop saying how ridiculous it now looked to have 3 trees over in the corner of our yard and the back yard section bare. Seriously, it would not quit. So, we loaded up and took a trip to Lanoha's again to get 3 more trees. We are done now for the year. No, really, we are. We now have 20! trees in our yard. Keep in mind, 5 of those are ornamental trees that are in our landscape bed, but still - 20! trees is a lot of trees. And, we are probably not finished yet. We have some thoughts for the front corner of our yard for next year sometime, and Chris wants to build a flagstone patio at some point as well. We will see what year that project gets done, though.

Until then, the diet is back on. Well, until I start Christmas shopping.

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