Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Christmas Shopping

Yesterday, I started Christmas shopping. Okay, I did officially start a week or so ago picking up a few new outfits for Alivia, but I got excited about it yesterday. My be ALL DONE with our Christmas shopping by the weekend before Thanksgiving. Bring it on!

This year I have vowed to not go nuts. Our house if FULL of toys. Seriously, full! The kids play with many of them, but there are many that I could clear out. The kids, however, hate to see anything go. So, the toys sit and collect. Sounds like I have another cold day project ahead of me.

For now, I have gotten Addison 2 BIG toy from American Girl and the other from Pottery Barn Kids. Alivia and Asher I have gotten their clothes, but I have yet to buy any toys. Alivia has picked out a few things, so I have a place to start. I want to get a couple bigger gifts that will make their Christmas morning exciting, followed by other smaller items that they like but are not as expensive. Addison - well, I am out of toy money for her after 2 stores. So, she is getting a few smaller things to get the same amount of wrapped gifts under the tree.

The goal - make their Christmas special without taking money out of savings.

So far so good.

Here's to more shopping!

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