Monday, October 18, 2010

Dentist, Dr, Bounce, & Grandparents!

Jumping at Bounce U!
Yes, the kids visited the Dentist, made an unplanned visit to the doctor, bounce house and then ended the day by spending the afternoon at Chris' parents! What a day!

Alivia had her 4th and final day off of school. We had a big day planned. First, the dentist. Alivia has a permanent tooth coming in behind her baby teeth on the bottom. Well, two baby teeth are going to be "encouraged" to come out with a little help from the dentist so the permanent tooth can move into place. Gees! That sounds like fun. So, Mommy has to schedule another fun trip to the dentist.

We had a play date scheduled for 10 after our 9am dental check up, but we had a little time to kill between. So, we made a quick stop at the bread store. On our way out, Asher slipped on the rug and hit the metal door frame. Asher, who typically cries when injured, did not cry immediately, making me question a concussion. And, his head got HUGE immediately. Luckily, he hit ABOVE his eye making it a lucky incident really. But, I raced him to see the doctor to make sure he was okay. I was a wreck. I may be a nurse, but I can't see our kids get hurt. The doctor gave him a clean bill of health and we were on our way, bruised, but not broken.

We eventually made it to the jump house of Bounce U where I hoped our little boy would take it easy. Nope. He ran all over like he did not have a huge egg on his head. All the kids had fun playing with their friends Keegan and Nyah until lunch.

Then, they were off to see their Grandparents for the afternoon where they decorated (and ate) cupcakes, visited the park and played (Thank you Grandma & Grandpa!).

By tonight, they were more than ready to go to bed. Alivia summed it up by saying, "We had a fun weekend Mommy! We went to Coco Keys, we went to see both Grandma's and went to the bounce house!"

Fun weekend, check!

Asher, real "upset" about his owie...:)

Showing the swelling of Asher's little head from his Boo Boo...

Sliding Alivia & Nyah!


Addison's turn...Weeee!

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