Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Too Old?

Chris is always saying how he is too old for this, that, and the other thing. He is always reminding me how he is 3 years older. And, that totally annoys me. It is 3 years. He is not old. If he IS old now, what is 90 years old to him? He says, older. Very funny.

Today I decided I am too old for some things. I know I am too old for the tire swing because it makes me sick. I know I am too old to ride a scooter because taking a bite out of concrete one time is enough for me. But, I am also too old for snotty girls.

Alivia, the quiet one, has had issues with snotty girls in school. I have found that snotty girls learn it someplace. Sometimes they just think they are better than everyone else, sometimes they are spoiled, sometimes they are just acting like their mom, and maybe, sometimes they are all of the reasons.

I grew up in a small town with a small class. There were 10 kids at one time in my class. And, on a near daily basis, I reported home about a tiff with some girl or another. Many times, I would escape to the swings and sit alone, unable to tolerate the ill behavior of mean girls. There are still two girls from my school that I have denied friend requests on facebook because they were mean (why do they want to be friends with me now anyway?).

Anyway, now I am trying to teach our quiet little girl to be more assertive. I believe mean, snotty girls select their prey because they are easy targets. Alivia is an easy target. She believes in a perfect world where everyone likes her and everyone is her friend. I am trying to teach her that she needs to be friendly towards everyone, but not everyone will be her friend. That is difficult for a mommy to teach and even more difficult for a 6 year old to understand.

And yes, I am too old for snotty girls. I have no patience and no tolerance.

I'm sorry, I guess I am just too old.

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