Friday, October 01, 2010

Visit to the OCM & Cobweb Castle

Today, Addison, Asher & I visited the Omaha Children's Museum and their cobweb castle display. Today was the opening day, and we were quite excited to see it.

We arrived at opening and were the first to enter the Cobweb Castle. I had to convince Addison to go through it because she was scared. So, I carried Addison and Asher through at least half of it before they got used to it. It is a pretty neat display. Not sure how many little kids would like some of the sights and sounds, but Addi and Asher got used to it.

After the Halloween preview, the kids played in finger paints, the ball room before going into the big room to play. We stayed until lunch time before we were ready to return to our quiet home (the OCM is so LOUD!).

We would recommend the cobweb castle, but we are more looking forward to the Big Backyard coming later this month. Until then...

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