Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The BIG backyard

Today we met our friends, Laura, Simon and baby Emma at the Omaha Children's Museum for a fun morning of playing. The old Richman Gordman zoo animals are back and on display to be played on, along with bikes (with brain helmets no less), a campsite, the largest indoor playset I have seen from Backyard Adventures, a putt-putt golf area, a pond n boat area, canoes, power tool toys like a lawn mower and leaf blower, an outdoor grill (with granite!), a digger area (with mulch this time so the kids did not come home a mess like they do when they play at the park), and so much more! The kids played upstairs for nearly 2 hours! They just had a blast. Then, we went downstairs to the ball room, Cobweb Castle, checked out the art room for a bit, before ending with a picnic lunch. What a fabulous morning with our friends! We will sure miss them when they move away in a few weeks, but the memories will last forever.

Loved these brain helmets!

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