Monday, April 13, 2009

Play Date

Kaidence and AliviaKaidence in curlsAlivia in curls

Today is our play date with Kaidence. Kaidence is the daughter of our long time friends. Kaidence's Mommy, Heather, has been my friend since I was about 4 years old! Anyway, the had a new beautiful baby, Brayden (I hope I spelled his name right) on Thusday, so I am helping my friends out (which is not much) but watching Kaidence today so they can sleep a little. Anyone who has had a baby knows, the first couple weeks are the most difficult. It is more difficult with the second, third, etc, times around because you are unable to nap as much. Kaidence is seriously a delight. She has very good manners and the girls love to play with her. Asher is trying really hard to say her name, "Say Kaidence Asher, " "Kaaaa AAAA." Okay, he tried, Kaidence smiled.

So, this morning after we picked up Kaidence, we baked brownies, made bread (for her parents and for people we know that just lost a loved one), played beauty shop putting curlers in the girls' hair, painting finger nails,  and playing dress up. It was a busy busy, that it was time to take Alivia to preschool before we knew it.

As I read stories to the kids before nap time, Kaidence asked, "Do I get to play with "that girl" again when I wake up from nap time? Then, after Alivia came home from preschool today, Kaidence asked Alivia, "Were you a good girl in school today?" Alivia responded, "Yes! I am always a good girl in school!"

Oh, I love little kids. I love play dates. And, congratulations to our friends, Heather and Patrick on their new baby boy! And, congratulations to our friends, Ryan and Kelly, on their new baby boy, too! (See our neighborhood for the O'Tooles).


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