Monday, April 06, 2009

March in Review...Finally

Finally, I am getting around to reviewing March.

March brought many memories for us. Asher turned 15m, then 16m in one
month! He is now crawling up and down the stairs, running and climbing everywhere and on everything, getting lots of
teeth, loves to give kisses, and trying to keep up with his sisters without getting hurt.
Addison, now 2 1/2yr, is turning into an exact replica on her Mommy at
2. Um, can we say LOUD! Now I can see what my parents had to go
through. In Addison's free time, she likes to play with her babies,
push her stroller, pick on her brother and older sister, take off the
entire roll of toilet paper and spread it around the house, break
things and cry loud! But, you just have to love Adorable Addison!
Alivia, now 4 1/2yr, had a busy month. She went to Kindergarten round
up and really did well. She learned to swim under water...yeah! And,
she is learning to ride her bike without training wheels. She is quite
the socialite for a shy girl, too, attending many birthday parties this
month! We are looking forward to the warm weather so we can FINALLY get
outside. Happy Easter to all!

Select MARCH PICTURES to view pictures of our crazy month!

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