Thursday, April 16, 2009

Morning in the Forest

I ended yesterday as I do many days, checking the weather online. Interesting enough, the local weather is rarely correct. Yesterday, for example, it was to be sunny and in the upper 60's. We went to the zoo, and it rained. Today, it again said upper 60's but partly cloudy. Trying to believe them, I planned our day today around this. Unfortunately, it was incorrect, again.

Our trip began at 8:30 as we set out to Fontenelle Forest in Bellevue. The area is beautiful! We received a gift membership for Christmas but had yet to venture over there to use it. We arrived just before 9 to begin our walk down the nature paths. We took some scenic pictures of the great river, but we unfortunately did not see any deer. Perhaps it was due to the loud nature of the kids this morning. Alivia "ran" our walk, excited to play at acorn acres. The kids played there for nearly an hour in the dirt, feathers, uncle Tom's playhouse, etc, before we made our way inside. Downstairs of the main building there are fun things to play with and learn from. Although the weather was a bit cold and brisk, we had fun morning.

After our exercise and play time, we were all hungry. So, what better way to top off our morning than to have lunch with Daddy. The bad part was having to say good-bye. Addison did not stop crying about not wanting Daddy to go back to work until she fell asleep in the car. Asher actually slept, too! (Now, that is 2 times out of 2 that he has fallen asleep after going to the forest. I think a little nature may play a role in this).

As Chris put it during lunch, I should feel lucky I get to do all these things with the kids. And, I do feel lucky, everyday!

River walkPeek a AsherMonkey AddisonAddison and Asher making music togetherPlaying in the dirt...their favorite thing!Fun tableLunch with Daddy!Asher the car!Addison sleeps

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