Thursday, April 30, 2009

April in Review

What a month! We started the month off with celebrating Daddy's birthday. We had a very busy month. Alivia finished her swimming lessons, then we headed off to the Great Wolf Lodge in KC for a night. The kids had a lot of fun there (okay, Chris and I did too!). We celebrated a chilly Easter on my parents' farm in Iowa. We kept our normal busy pace by going to the Children's Museum, Fontenelle Forest, shopping, the zoo, etc, as well as playing outside more as the weather warmed up. We also threw in a little house hunting. Chris and I must be bored because ended the month with a bang...a FOR SALE BY OWNER sign in the yard. Yes, we are going to give moving a shot. If it does not sell, we will stay put. Let's see how this goes. Also, Asher turned 17 months old! He is talking a lot and almost has a bigger vocab than his big sister, Addison! He is playing more with Addi, but still loves to play ball, ride in his car outside, and follow Mommy around yelling, "Mommy! Mommy" even if I am right in front of him. :)

Next month looks like a busy month, too. We will welcome a new cousin and nephew tomorrow!, I have my big run on Sunday, Mother's Day, Alivia's 5th birthday, and more! Looking forward to it all!

Happy Spring!


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