Monday, June 23, 2008

Weekend Fun


Taking out the sodLooks better already!Finished projectClean look now

Okay, I don't know about fun. Our front landscaping was done by the previous homeowner 8 years ago. So, Chris and I really wanted to make it our own. We started reinventing it around the walkway last fall. Chris continued it in May when he tore down the layers of bricks in front of the bay window and the big, out of control bushes. After marking it out, Chris painstakingly pulled out the grass (with Alivia's help of course). This weekend, he added the rock, plants, & cobblestones (which at the price of these things - they will be moving with us to any future home! But, they match all the way around our home now). We love the clean looking results. Much better! Ahh...all in a weekend's work, or something.

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