Sunday, June 01, 2008

May's Pictures

We started the month celebrating May Day with our first May Day baskets and celebrating (accidentally) Cinco de Mayo by having a picnic. Asher, 5m, started sitting alone, laughing and "talking" more, sleeping through the night consistently, and now has somewhat of a schedule! Yeah. He is eating more baby foods - but usually spits everything out. Addison turned 22 months this month and is beginning to develop those 2 year old traits. She gets frustrated and makes fists and shakes (without a word and nor sound usually). She is REALLY frustrated if she does this! She also started saying "no" a lot instead of just shaking her head. We think it is cute now, but we will probably not think so next month. Alivia ended the month turning 4! We can hardly believe it. She got a new bike and scooter for her birthday, among our things, so has fun things to play with outside for a while. May Day, Mother's Day, Alivia's birthday, & Asher's 1/2 birthday - now that is a lot of cake! Happy June!

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