Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day 2008



Another year, another child to be blessed to have on this Father's Day for dear ol' Daddy! This year Topher is the Daddy of 3: Asher, 6m, Addison, 23m, & Alivia, now 4!

We saw Grandpa Bob on Saturday & was able to give him his presents since he is at the CWS today. Then Sunday morning went to the annual flight breakfast. Not a very good morning for it since it was stormy (& we got a little hail on the way there). We saw one airplane, so the kids were excited. Daddy opened his exciting presents: A nice backpack (like a fancy work pack) for when he takes his motorcycle to work, 2 polos, and a t-shirt that says " Daddy3" meaning Daddy to the 3rd power or Daddy cubed. This shirt will go into his collection of Daddy t-shirts: Real Daddy's change diapers & Daddy needs a time out. I have one more I want to get him. We topped off the morning time with a little lunch at Panera and TCBY treats (but nobody was hungry so that will be our snack - TCBY gives Daddy free treats on Father's Day).  Now, everyone is full & resting.

Happy Father's Day!


Grandpa Bob  this girlsTop Pop AwardMommy with Daddy's wingmanDaddy's little wingman!

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