Sunday, June 29, 2008

Asher's birthday on the 7

Today Asher Wade turns 7 months old. What a big boy! He is such a happy baby, smiling a lot. What is he doing now? He sits alone well, is not crawling per say but army crawling with his arms but at a snails pace (he does get around a room though, so we really have to watch the Polly Pockets now!), stands while holding onto something, jibber jabbers a lot (but cries very little now), signs up well and a lot, & is still a Mommy's boy. He is on a good schedule now: Sleeps 8 PM -6 or 6:30 am (just started this and I am loving it with the exception of not having any time in the morning for laundry and things before the girls get up).  He is still on the nursing schedule of 6, then 8 or 9, noon, dinner and then just before going to bed. He is nursing shorter periods of time now, though. He has starting eating foods better. He likes fruits, dislikes most vegetables and has yet to swallow any cereal no matter what I put in it. He still does not have any teeth, so we are a bit away from trying any finger foods. I have started to give him a sippy cup, but he has just managed to get his shirt wet so far. I am still on the non dairy diet for the most part. He still does not tolerate my slip ups. Asher continues to have a fear of strangers and of Mommy leaving the room, but has surprised us by allowing other people to hold him for a time.

Asher was on TV this morning for Birthdays on the 7's(It is amazing how many "birthdays" babies get). So, again Happy Birthday on the 7, Asher Wade! 


Asher's birthday on the 7Asher eating with his hand in the air like Addison used to!


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