Friday, June 06, 2008

It's Not About Us Anymore

Okay, Chris & I did not just figure this out, but we are becoming more and more aware that our decisions are not about us anymore. This became more evident to us when we gave away Piper (the cat in which we are not trying to get back even though Chris & I do not want her). We find ourselves doing things that we may not necessarily want to do but do so for the kids. For example, we are getting Piper back because Addison will not stop asking "Where Piper at?" & Alivia has cried many nights to go and get her. Yes, we could have been dishonest and said she ran away. But, I could not do that. Next, Chris took Alivia to her first movie this week. He had one in mind, but had her pick from the trailers online. The movie she picked Chris did not want to sit through, but went anyway. They BOTH turned out to have a good time! And finally, our blog. I was, in the past, hiding our pictures to only people that were in our neighborhood. Then, I started showing more and more pictures as friends & family told us that they checked it out (& we know that we have many friends & family that discretely read the blog). I did not want them to miss out on the pictures. However, people anywhere in the world can be viewing our blog. After a recent Dateline episode, I have decided to leave the family pictures to the neighborhood. Seriously, if you want to view our pictures, joining vox is easy. You don't even have to put anything on there for us to add you to our neighborhood. Just let us know you joined and we will add you to our neighborhood so you can view photos. We are sorry to have to do this, but it is about the safety of our children and our family. But, I will continue to blog on & leave most of those postings public.

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