Friday, June 27, 2008

Is it rain or snow?

Friday's Hail/Wind stormA river runs through it.The street full of waterChris says, "Here's your pool, Krista"Hail, 1/2 hr or so later.

We feel very blessed to have our roof intact after tonight's storm. No tornado's, but we had high "straight line winds" like we had never seen before. The sirens went off because the winds could have been upwards of 80 mph. Many of our neighbors are missing shingles, large sections of their roofs, & had big trees just blown over. We have minor damage in comparison (like to landscaping, the swingset and perhaps a little on our roof).The neighborhood sounded of chain saws tonight. Too much excitement for us this Friday night!


Our poor new landscapingSnow anyone: 2 hrs post storm

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