Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year 2012!

Wow...really? 2012?! They say time goes fast as you age. So, that just assures me that I am so old!

Let's look at last years goals...

2011 Goals

1. Finish the 2010 photo album and finally finish Addison's baby scrapbook (before she turns 5!).

So, I suck. I did not finish it or even look at it this year. Maybe next year?

2. Save, save, save: We really want to save and invest more this year now that this home will hopefully suck less out of us this year.
Always a work in progress. This home still is sucking the life, I mean money, right out of us one way or another ($10,000 in taxes tends to do that).

3. Finish painting the interior of our home. We have the entryway, master bed/bath and basement left.
Well, we painted everything but the master bedroom and dining room. Guess onto 2012 goal list.

4. Recarpet basement post kitty.
Nope. Our carpenter thought we should wait until we put the 5th bedroom in. So, it is on hold until the basement redo. Anyway, we will wait for our kids to trash it good first.

5. Surround ourselves with less drama, with friends and family who love us as we are. I am going to try less, meaning if I have to try too hard to make relationships work, I am going to let them go.
I can say we were successful letting go of the family and friend drama for the most part. It still seems to find us. I have a small circle of friends now that we have more common interests in. Now, if we can just find couple friends...that would be ideal.

6. Plan 1-2 family vacations for 2011.
7. Take one trip with just Chris and I (my parents have already agreed to help with the kids!).
Check! We went to the lake together (thanks Mom and Dad for watching the kids and letting us use your home!).

8. Keep up with exercise, and get the kids involved daily.
Insanity, yoga, running, zumba, weights...I think we can say CHECK

9. Play more and worry less. Easier said than done.
Easier said than done

10. Become more involved in our "new" church.

Now for 2012 Goals

1. Finish 2011 Album
2. Finish Addison's baby book (3rd year's a charm).
3. "fluff" the master bedroom. I can't wait for this one!!
4. Celebrate Chris' BIG birthday in style somehow (no secret what he wants!).
5. Family Exercise
6. Invest more
7. Dual 365 Photo project - Chris and I are doing one TOGETHER this year! Scary, right?!

Hard to believe that our little Asher will be turning 5 years old during 2012 (albeit in late November, but still!). Alivia will be going through her first reconciliation in January followed by her first communion in April. Addison will be finishing Kindergarten in 2012, and I have not even gotten used to her being in Kindergarten to begin with! Topher will be celebrating a big birthday this year and wants to ride in style. You know, his last BIG birthday he got his motorcycle. So, this time he wants to upgrade to 4 wheels. So, we will see. And, to end the year, we want to take a Disney trip next December once all the kids are at good ages to get around the Disney Parks a little easier.

So, cheers to 2012! Let's get started! We have a lot of fun memories to make!

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