Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Insanity Completed

That's right, Chris completed Insanity last week and I partially completed it.

The results.

I gained 11 pounds, outgrew a couple pairs of pants and feel like a blob. 

Not sure those were the results I was looking for.

I do, however, feel like it was a good workout and I could see more well defined abs. I can do push ups like no other where I could not do one before. I can run in place until my heart skips a beat, run high knees, jump like Michael Jordan and I have found a work out that actually makes me sweat and wish that I did not care. But, it did nothing for me as far as making me feel fit (and look it!). Go figure. However, I miss running. Running is what I do. Running is, however, easy when compared to Insanity. Seriously.

The plan is to start back up Insanity in 2012 following the Insanity diet, plus I will be running. I would say I will be running with a little Insanity thrown in there someplace. Of course I will not miss my Zumba classes for fun.

Maybe that will help.

Either that or I am going to have to buy more clothes and stop looking in the mirror.


Chris doing the POGO!

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